Our Story

We have always been driven by beauty. It ignites our desire to look deeply and closely at the heart of things. Whether we are acting as gemologists, designers, or jewelers, we appreciate beauty and craftsmanship, not just for what they look but also what they represent.

Spurred by this never-ending passion, we are always learning and seeking a more profound meaning to our craft. It is this intense love and conviction that permeates everything we do.

We are not just gemologists, designers, and jewelers, but we are a family of enthusiasts.

We are honored to be carrying on the ancient craft of jewelry-making, one of the oldest and most venerable arts of human arts. So, we hold ourselves to the highest standards that were set before we were born. We take deep satisfaction in providing you with beautiful creations that are both delightful and meaningful.

As gemologists, we find the most precious of stones that are worthy of you. We look at its spirit and fire to distinguish its story. By carefully examining the stones, we can curate the best possible options for you.

As designers and jewelers, it is imperative to us that your jewelry is not only beautiful but that it has technical integrity. Thus, we design each piece with hard-earned expertise. With our knowledge, we are able to bring out the beauty and story of what you desire.

We welcome you to visit and see for ourselves what sets us apart from others. We would love to tell you the full story of our jewelry, rather than just pointing out superficial qualities or value.